Monday, 12 February 2018

Marvellous Me

Room 18 are currently studying a unit called Marvellous Me. As part of this they completed some writing on special qualities they have.

Marvellous Me by Noah Stapleford

My favourite place to go is Rainbow's End because there are lots of fun rides there.

My favourite thing to do when I am not at school is eat because I like eating lots of different foods.

It makes me feel good when I go to the park because it is fun.                                                               

I'm looking forward to learning soccer because I won't to lean how to be a great goal.

A good time I had with my family was eating an Oreo Donut with my family it was very funny.

I some times wonder what it is like to be the air.

If I was an animal l would be a rattlesnake because they live in the desert and they like hot places.

I worry about having nightmares because sometimes they are really scary.

Something I would like you to now about me is that I like relaxing because I can chill out.